Rosie Dalley Trombone

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Rosie studied piano under Margaret Bennett of Malvern for many years, alongside a full-time career and family commitments, taking her piano exams and playing in various music groups.

In 1999, she enrolled with the Open University so that she could continue to study whilst working, and in 2004, was awarded a BA with Honours in Humanities with Art History and Music, followed by an MA in Music in 2006. Her dissertation was on the topic of issues of originality and authorship in music, particularly in relation to the use of out of copyright music in modern times.

Rosie took up the trombone ten years ago as she always wanted to play in bands but the opportunity had never arisen. She chose the trombone as it seemed a fun instrument – she says, “I once saw one being played on a train on the way to an Open University Summer School in Durham and I was hooked! It is fun, yet fascinating. It has an ancient history, yet retains a popularity into modern times within many different genres of music … best of all, the trombone always makes people smile!”

Rosie feels very lucky to have had the opportunity to play in various big bands, shows and small bands of all kinds and is really enjoying playing with Malvern Big Band since recently relocating to Worcester.