Martin Yates Trombone

16 martin medium

Martin started playing the trombone at the age of twelve. His interest in dance band music and jazz lead to him joining the Midlands Youth Jazz Orchestra. By this time he was already composing and arranging music and went to play professionally with renowned musicians such as Kenny Baker and Don Lusher. Since joining MBB, Martin has become our main trombone soloist.

Martin teaches for Worcestershire Youth Music and is very active in the delivery of wider opportunities for young students and is keen to develop large class-based instrumental lessons as an aid to introducing young people to the joy of playing brass instruments.

Martin has written music for all sorts of occasions, including commissions for National Brass Band Championships, music for Symphony Hall in Birmingham, many bands and orchestras, as well as solo work, not to mention music for the BBC Big Band Competition!

Some of Martin’s recent compositions: A Gentle Walk was used for a documentary on the environment. Wild Slide Ride was used in 2011 to end a weekly Newsnight programme. Remember was included by Caroline Fitzgerald on her album Rainbows and Lillies.

In his spare time Martin enjoys sailing and has two classic Triumph sports cars to look after.